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//TOKYO, 20XX: Whispers and rumors are spreading through the streets of metropolitan Tokyo like wildfire. Murmurings of a bizarre website have started to pique the interest of more than a few people—people willing to take extreme risks in order to fulfill their darkest desires.

Corpse Girl's Website supposedly allows users to request the death of someone they know. All that is required is a photo of the proposed victim. Once an image is uploaded, the website promises to snuff out the victim's soul within a matter of days.

Victims of the website apparently receive a photograph of their own corpse—even before they are dead. Photos are time stamped with a date... Perhaps a predicted time of death? The website's authenticity is questionable at best. It has become an interesting topic of conversation and nothing more.

And yet... When people start dying in odd ways across the city, the website instantly returns to the limelight.

All of the recent victims were found in possession of strange photos—photos of their own corpses, received only hours before they died...

CORPSE FACTORY is a visual novel driven by pure suspense. It's part horror and part psychological thriller. The story is told in a linear fashion, with a few key choices to make along the way that will affect the ending of the game.



Install instructions

To play the game, please extract the contents of the .zip folder to your local drive. Run "CORPSE FACTORY Demo.exe" to start the game.

NOTE: If the game is not extracted from the .zip folder before running, certain features like save games and customizable settings will not be available.




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Sorry i took long we had some errors while editing the video but not its done and i hope you enjoy it and warring the audio might be bad so forgive

i forgot to post this here but here it is now 

i'm back with part 3 oh my lets play of the cool game. hope u enjoy the video

I was really waiting for the full game to come out but i didn't know it was on steam so my video was a bet late, and sorry for the bad audio in this video and i haven't recorded part 3 but its in the plans so watch out for part 3

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So I've played about half the game so far (I think?) and it's been really fun! Getting to know the characters and how they have developed since the beginning has been really great. Noriko's arc from self servient to caring about others a little and even changing her life for arguably the better is a really interesting, fun and great story arc so far. Koji, Shinji, Tomoe and Aoi also have fun stories about them and been fun to get to understand and get to know their characters.

But there are points where I feel like their character traits are overridden for the sake of the story. For example Tomoe figuring out that Nori was Corpse Girl so suddenly and so fast with loose threads that she thought of in the moment plus her willingness to help Nori so fast with the bodies even though the player gets to find out about her empathetic and softer side and even hears her say that she doesn't want anything to do with Corpse Girl anymore. I kind of feel like there was a step back in her mini character arc with that. But I still think she is a great part of the story who adds to the personalities and is a good bounce between all the characters.

Another part which I think is more apparent is that the choices that the player makes are also completely overridden. Like at one of the very first choices to help or leave Aoi, I chose to help her and she immediately went into a fit of rage, but at the very next scene, the story continues on like that never happened and never has addressed that choice till now. Aoi's personality foes back to before the confrontation and her outburst seems to have vanished from the story itself. There is one or two more instances of this happening that I do not remember off the top of me head but I do understand that it is difficult to take into account every single action or choice for the story, I still feel like a moment like Aoi's should at least be mentioned if not change the story somewhat due to the impactful nature of it from finding out what's been happening to her.

But despite that, I think that the writing and voice acting is really great! The voice actors used seem to really suit the characters well and the writing is descriptive, sets the tone and narrative well and the plot changing and keep expectations different really is going well! Can't wait to find out more of what's happening and to see what's going to go on, so really great job on the story and everything in the game so far! Also love how the title screen changes as you play more of the game, I think that's pretty cool and adds to the whole immersion of playing the game!

when will the full game be available?

The full game can be found on their Steam page

oh, ok

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Just started playing the full release, and wasn't expecting at all to get into the role that you do in the story! It's an interesting twist and I can't wait to uncover more of the mystery and the story, all the little details show the love and hard work that's gone into the game and absolutely was surprised and love the voice acting!


I played the demo and I am both shocked and intrigued!! And now I saw the trailer for the full  game... I am EVEN MORE intrigued! can't wait for the full release! Amazing jobs devs!

This game looks great, and it as a very good story to it, mostly i like horror that why i think its good but it brings its character's to life so i will wait for the full game to come out so i can finish what i started(This would be a great anime that i can watch if it was an anime)


That was really cool, the demo was fun to play and I get curious and intrigued by the whole gameplay, can't wait for the final release.


Aoi looks like Amelia watson

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Is that one guy in on it w/ the other 3? The lazy amount of work he did on investigating makes me think he's part of the scheme.


Such a promising visual novel, I feel a little baited because most of the scenes in the sidebar don't actually appear on the demo but, much more to look forward! I hope the demo links into the main story of the game because the plot is amazing so far, got me hooked the entire time and god I want to learn more about Corpse Girl, maybe even see the website!

The CG's look amazing, characters all look cute BUT also mysterious all with  top quality expressions and the sound design was also really well done, it helps you get involved on what's happening, I really can't wait for 2022 but guess I'll have to! This is an awesome project and I hope I get to see it's full potential!

If anything I would I'd like to make choices but this is just a demo and I am sure the full game will have some intense ones.

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